Dr. DJ Peterson, President of Longview Global Advisors delivered a broad ranging lecture on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 on global political, economic, and business risk to St. Edward's University students, faculty, alumni and members of the Austin business community. Speaking in Jones Global Events Center, Dr. Peterson identified several global megatrends driving polarization, nationalism and populism around the world:

1) Slow overall global economic growth which is fueling political volatility
Global growth has been muted and uneven since the global financial crisis, prompting some economists to ask whether the world has entered an extended low-growth period

2) Inequality as a driver of political polarization/wealth & opportunity concentrated in mega-cities throughout the world
Popular disaffection with slow growth is amplified by inequality in incomes and opportunities. Unlike in the past, middle classes feel exceptionally exposed today.

3) Governments inability to respond effectively to the pace of change
Business leaders know that success depends on agility and the ability to accommodate change—the alternative is disruption—but political leaders are struggling to keep pace.

4) The rise of political entrepreneurs exploiting the governance gap through populism and nationalism
The idea that establishment elites are incapable of solving important problems has created a volatile atmosphere in which disaffected voters are willing to take risks, throw wrenches into the political works, and support revolutionary and authoritarian insurgencies.

5) Hyper connectivity unites, divides and overwhelms
The contemporary social media environment has turbocharged political volatility.


Dr. DJ Peterson, speaking to the Austin business community at a World Affairs Council event entitled, International Political Risks: Implications for Business Leaders” at the BBVA Bank Executive Board Room


DJ Peterson guest lecturing on the different forms of risk: geopolitical risk, political risk, and country risk in an upper division International Marketing class at St. Edward’s University

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