The Kozmetsky Center hosted U.S. Army Major General (Ret.) Mari K. Eder for a tour of force lecture on October 30, 2019, at St. Edward’s University entitled “Information Apocalypse.” St. Edward's University students and faculty across various disciplines, St. Edward's University alumni and Austin community partners attended Gen. Eder’s lecture in Jones Global Events Center.

General Eder discussed the critical problem of erosion of trust in the information space and suggested ways that we might safeguard society from disinformation. She offered a fact-based assessment of the problems of fake news, misinformation, disinformation, malicious transformation and their effects on institutions, leadership and the public. Moreover, General Eder provided concrete actionable recommendations for moving beyond the “information age to the knowledge age” aimed at improving trust and restoring respect in the media and public institutions. General Eder recommended, for example, that journalists should develop a common set of standards, norms and code of ethics for all news media organizations. General Eder’s work and advocacy can certainly help in meeting the urgent need for serious assessment and public discussion at this critical juncture on recognizing and responding to challenges in the public information sphere.


Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Mari K. Eder offers a research fact-based lecture on the problems of fake news, misinformation, disinformation, malicious transformation and more impacting public perceptions, trust, and confidence generating robust engagement and excellent questions.


Major General Eder’s welcome dinner, hosted by Kozmetsky Center Director Dr. Sharyl Cross, with university faculty and community partners including William Reinier (U.S. Army Futures Command), Ben Ramirez (World Affairs Council of Austin), and St. Edward's University Professors: William Nichols, Brian Smith, James Puglisi and Dustin Noll (SEU Military and Veterans Affairs Coordinator).


Major General (Ret.) Eder meeting with St. Edward’s University student veterans and ROTC cadets for a roundtable discussion on leadership.

For more information on Major General Eder's lecture please visit this link to her powerpoint presentation.


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