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The Kozmetsky Center is delighted to launch our new experiential internship program in support of St. Edward’s University 2027 Strategic Plan.  The Kozmetsky Center program places SEU students in internships working with leading professionals of our international, national and local speaker’s and community networks.  The Kozmetsky Center appreciates the support of Barbora Maronkova, NATO Policy Planning (Brussels), Ben Ramirez, CEO Austin Center for Global Trade, Daniel Zoltani, Director of Global Operations, Whole Planet Foundation, Amos Fox, U.S. Army Future’s Command (Austin) and Kevin Koym, CEO, Tech Ranch Austin for offering to serve as mentors for our first group of SEU student interns during the Spring 2023 semester.  SEU students will collaborate directly with mentors on projects and research developing unique and valuable first-hand experience and professional associations to support educational and career development.

The Kozmetsky Center looks forward to continuing our program on Global Investment, Finance, Emerging Markets and Geopolitical Risk in cooperation with the World Affairs Council Austin. The forum fosters a bridge between academic experience and the professional world of global investment, finance and geopolitical risk providing unique insights for SEU students preparing for future careers with the hope of advancing responsible and ethical participation in global business, economic development and policy.

On Friday February 24, 12:00 noon we will host a session with Yves Dubus, Belgian Trade and Investment Commissioner to discuss Texas-Europe Economic Cooperation:  Trade, Investment and Technology.  The Belgian Trade Commission provides market intelligence and assessments, as well as assistance for the development of business plans for Belgian companies in the USA. Mr. Dubus has been a Belgian career diplomat since 2008. He was posted in Guangzhou, China, as Trade & Technology Commissioner for five years, before being posted in Houston, Texas. Prior to his public career, he held various positions in the IT sector between 1988 and 2008, first, in the development of new businesses linked to the deregulation of the airlines industry in Europe, and second, in the development of new technologies, and new business models, linked to the development of the Internet. In 2000, he was the General Manager of Travelprice, the first ever online travel agency in Belgium, and later served as VP Professional Services, in Munich, for Siemens Mobile Travel Services. Yves Dubus holds a Master Degree in Political Studies of the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  This session will be held in the Mabee Ballroom, A Ragsdale Building on the St. Edward’s University campus. Additional information and recordings on prior and upcoming Kozmetsky Center-World Affairs Council Austin programs can be found here:

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