Dr. Artyom Lukin discusses his paper, “Russia and North Korea: A Short Border with Extensive Geopolitical Implications,” at the International Political Science Association Third International Workshop Research Committee on Geopolitics hosted at St. Edward’s University.


Dr. Artyom Lukin meets with the Austin community and delivers a lecture entitled “Major Powers in North Korea and Asian Security” sponsored by Global Austin in cooperation with the Kozmetsky Center.


Dr. Lukin records an interview in Russian and English with the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies’ (CREEES) weekly podcast, The Slavic Connexion. To listen to Dr. Lukin’s podcast interview please click on The Slavic Connexion’s logo below.


Dr. Lukin gives a guest lecture to St. Edward’s University Global Studies students on Russia’s foreign policy in the Russian Far East.


Dr. Artyom Lukin and Kozmetsky Center Executive Assistant Joseph Sadek stop for lunch at a local Austin taco truck.